“Breathe” by Matt Gombau

Matt Gombau’s new song “Breathe” is made for vagabonds who are a little too familiar with existential crises. An acoustic tune with gripping vocals, Gombau sings of how hard it can be to find yourself- especially when you’ve failed at it in the past.

In a post on his Instagram, Gombau describes “Breathe” as being about “reveries and crazy projects we have that never come true.” We can be so excited and hopeful about things that will never work out. When things we were passionate about never come to fruition, it can be hard to move on from that missed potential. Perhaps that is why Gombau is “heading south on [his] two wheels, hoping to find what’s true to [him].” Traveling somewhere new gives us plenty of time to think of new daydreams. The unknown gives us room to believe they could come true.

Gombau also writes that “Breathe” is about “the desire to escape society in order to refocus on oneself.” We hear that notion shine in every line of the song, as Gombau sings about escape and nature. It’s clear that Gombau finds a kind of solace in the outdoors. There is hope in the openness and relief in the escape from everyday society.

The rasp in Gombau’s voice is sonically beautiful, but also adds a note of desperation to his dreams of escape and self-discovery. The ebb and flow of the instrumentation takes us through the periods of both peace and existentialism Gombau is experiencing as he searches for how exactly to be true to himself. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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