“Illogical Sphere” by Sunday Hunter

To those who haven’t been lucky enough to hear a Sunday Hunter song, you’re in for a treat. “Illogical Sphere”, the latest release by the Brisbane-based pop artist, captures her unique style in a cool and groovy way. Different voices rang out independently yet would meld together into the almost ethereal atmosphere seamlessly. From the almost dystopian energy to the power-pop vocals this release is definitely not one you’re going to want to miss.

The electronic groove on “Illogical Sphere” was unpredictable and exciting. I loved how easily the vastly different sounds worked together elevating one another and locking together phenomenally well. Led by the light, almost dreamy vocals the song was catchy and innovative. With nostalgic synthesizers mixing and morphing in the instrumental there was constantly something new to grab my attention and keep my attention locked in.

Despite the nostalgic energy and voices, everything still managed to feel fresh and new. Cool mixing helped these different voices cut through the texture to be heard without sounding busy or over composed. Instead, the different feelings seemed to bend around the vocals. Sometimes leaning into the groovy pop sound, while at others focusing on putting a modern twist on the retro sounds. No matter what was happening in the instrumental, however, Sunday Hunter’s strong vocals rang out commandingly and beautifully. “Illogical Sphere” was well-rounded and a ton of fun to listen to. While other artists are chasing trends in hopes they make it big, Sunday Hunter paves her own path – unprecedented and joyful.

“Illogical Sphere” by Sunday Hunter is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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