“Divine” by Simone Nicole

Simone Nicole gives us an empowering pop track with her new song “Divine.” With lyrical delivery of self-affirmations and a catchy beat, this tune is perfect for starting your day with self-love.

Stepping into pop after being a primarily folk composer, “Divine” certainly belongs in a positive affirmations playlist. With lyrics like “I get what I want, anything I want” and “I’m so hypnotic,” Nicole is raising her energy and stepping into her divine power. 

Manifestation and self-affirmation have been trendy topics lately, but there is truth to them. If you haven’t heard these terms, they have to do with the idea that saying things out loud and choosing to believe them will make them true. (Disclaimer: this is a very basic explanation of a nuanced topic with roots in spirituality). Singing along to a song like this, saying “I get anything I want” and “I’m flowing like water” can help you create a positive mood and find the divine in your own life.

Nicole’s personality shines through the flirty cadences of her vocals. I especially love the way she sings “such a stunner.” You can hear her smile and her playful suggestion that she is the “stunner.”  Her confidence and self-assurance bleeds into the mood of the listener, making us feel stunning. With catchy vocal walkups in the pre-chorus and a driving beat throughout the song, this is just a really fun track. 

Inviting love into her life, Nicole uses her confidence to lead this lover to her- “to the divine.” A cheeky track with a carefree vibe, “Divine” by Simone Nicole is engaging and delightful. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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