“Passing Grey” by Laraland

“There’s no time to gloat // we’re in the same boat// two sides of the same coin//against each other // we should be brothers // we’re playing the same game.”

These lyrics are in Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and producer Laraland’s (formerly Lara) recent release “Passing Grey,” a neo-soul and R&B song that acknowledges the fact that despite the uncertainty we faced the last two years, those grey areas are only temporary — they’re “Passing Grey.” Uplifting, optimistic, and calming, “Passing Grey” is a spectacular piece that will no doubt give many people hope.

“Passing Grey” features Melbourne-based bassist and composer Nama and consists of simple yet beautiful beats and melodic chords. The instrumentals do a tremendous job at holding the listener’s attention and complements Laraland’s voice. Each instrument plays its own role in the track, yet they blend together perfectly to produce this sexy soulful piece.

Laraland proves just how impeccable her vocals are and demonstrates she’s professional with her singing by showing her control and range through out the song. Furthermore, the singer does a phenomenal job at articulating her words and getting her message out.

The dynamics in the track elevates the mood of the song and brings out that hard-hitting soulful sound that touches the soul and commands you to move your body to the rhythm any way you prefer — whether it’s bobbing the head or swaying the body.

“Passing Grey” is a great track with a beneficial message that will help many people as we continue another year in a pandemic. Thank you, Laraland and Nama.

Written by Taylor Berry

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