“Lighthouse” by Helmie

A folksy pop tune, “Lighthouse” by Finnish singer Helmie is about the journey to finally feel free. Starting out with lilting vocals and an acoustic piano, I first expected this track to be a ballad. But Helmie surprises you, pulling out big harmonic sections and electronic instrumentation. It’s a very interesting combination of sounds and works well to keep you intrigued.

Helmie “left [her] heart open for the world,” and is tired of the pain it gave her. While it is brave to be vulnerable, it is also exhausting. Being so open leaves room to get hurt, which a lot of us can unfortunately relate to. The “lighthouse” Helmie sings of seems to represent her peace and stability. After “earthquakes, hurricanes, after rain” she can’t find her “lighthouse.” Bad weather has long been used to symbolize hard times, and Helmie beautifully adds to the metaphor by not being able to find the one beacon that is supposed to withstand any storm.

Though these lyrics seem desolate at first, the sonically upbeat track does not leave us without hope. Helmie knows that someday she “won’t be misheard” and she’ll be able to say “I feel so free.” She repeats “I feel so free” over and over, building the notes higher as her conviction grows. 

The music video for “Lighthouse” shows a range of people finding joy in small things like their pets, their friends, and the outdoors. These small things are their lighthouses, their beacon of hope in the middle of a storm. Helmie’s “Lighthouse” is a lovely and optimistic track for all those searching for a lighthouse. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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