“Time Goes Fast” by Jana & Jorge

It was only a few years ago that by chance, a talented songwriter who’d been penning music since grade school came upon a singer and thought their way with words, and this singer’s vocals were meant to be. Soon enough Jana & Jorge connected and around a year later they dropped their debut. Today, the pair is on their fourth single, “Time Goes Fast.” A step away from what they’ve previously done, but still as wondrous as ever thanks to the way Jana delivers the poetic lyricism from start to finish. 

Since their debut single, “Come Back Around,” dropped in 2020 Jana & Jorge have been working hard on keeping the momentum going, releasing at least one song every since. In that time songs like “You Make a Mess” and “Live Forever” have grounded them in a steady country flow, but again, they stepped away from their usual for their latest and while you can hear those folk elements in Jana’s delivery, especially when she sings “from your lips,” it’s clear that “Time Goes Fast” is the next chapter in what one can only hope is a long story. 

For when these two came together, it truly was a perfect pairing and the proof is in lines like “…need to be strong, change your ways, escape the past.” Simple yet poignant, “Time Goes Fast” is a life lesson put to song that really has no bounds. Well written and sung, it can and will be appreciated by anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of music. 

To hear “Time Goes Fast” and more from Jana & Jorge, make sure to check them out on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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