“So Easy” by Mark Ferg

Mark Ferg is an artist based in New York City, combining different styles like pop, rap, and R&B throughout his discography. In his new release “So Easy,” Ferg sings of a easy, yet exhilarating, relationship.

“If you love what you do, then it ain’t work, and I’m certain I love you baby.” A clever play on words, this line is sweet and suggestive. Ferg loves this person, and it’s no work at all to love them. He knows he loves them based on the very fact that it’s easy to be with them. The hook “you’re so easy” puts this idea simply, and still it’s a beautiful notion. I’m sure many of us dream of a love where it feels uncomplicated. A love where the other person’s presence alone relaxes us.

Ferg has certainly found a love like this. He says “I know the outside world’s got a lot going on, but you quiet my noise.” Being with this person is like taking a break from the stress of reality. This person is his place of solace where his mind can be quiet. 

Sonically, this song is distinctive of Ferg’s style. There are oscillating vocals that swing between your left and right ear, modulated sections that pique your attention, and a melodic rapping style that invites you in. All these elements come together perfectly, and Ferg does a great job of keeping the song unique without making it sound too busy.

A bona fide love song with stimulating production “So Easy” by Mark Ferg lets us know we should be looking for an ultimate love that is both peaceful and exciting. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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