“Grow This Garden” by For Tuesday

Inspired to pick back up on a song that he’d started several years prior, For Tuesday got to work on a calming narrative that pays homage to the universal beauty of humanity while at the same time an individual. Teaming up with Nashville’s Emorie, “Grow This Garden” is a captivating song that will speak to those looking for a little faith in the world. 

Listening to “Grow This Garden” can put one in a haze as the airy dynamic between the lyrics and music, as well as For Tuesday and Emorie all work so well together so it’s wise to give this song a few listens to fully grasp the meat of it all and that’s Nead. The inspiration behind For Tuesday’s new single, Naed, is a man the artists met who made the decision to live in poverty so that he could then do more for the impoverished community. All it took was one day walking alongside Naed to move For Tuesday to write “Grow This Garden,” and listeners are now lucky enough to share in that life-changing experience by simply pressing play. Make sure to listen all the way through to hear Naed offer his voice with his favorite hymn. 

This song packs a punch on all levels from the touching narrative to the wonderful music, but one has to point out the vocals. Pure is the best way to describe them, as well as Emorie’s who in many ways sounds like the matured Mandy Moore audiences have gotten to hear perform from time to time on NBC’s ‘This Is Us.’

Those who like music that uplifts can check out “Grow This Garden” by For Tuesday featuring Emorie out now on all major music platforms and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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