“Too High” by FreqLoad

James Hansford’s (aka FreqLoad) is an electronic music producer, remixer and DJ from Chatham in the UK. He found his passion for producing music in his primary years at school and in 2005 when he was just 10 years old, a music teacher made the personal recommendation for him to attend a youth university program specifically within computer music, which turned into years of studying audio engineering and advanced music production.

“Too High” is the latest release from FreqLoad, he is putting the deep in house music. Starting the song off is a bouncy, shuffle type vibe. You know that moment when a song comes on and your body automatically starts dancing because the song is so good. That is exactly what happens when you listen to “Too High”.

With influences such as Calvin Harris, Bassment Jaxx & The Prodigy, it’s easy to hear how “Too High” came about. This energetic, fun song will keep the club bumping and keep the party going.

The amount of effort and time put into this single is relayed in the song. You can hear that it was worked on and he was passionate about putting this song together. It was produced in my shed which has been converted into a full music studio – this holds all of Freqload’s equipment, technology, analogue synths and mixing/mastering chain.

“Too High” is an amazing song that is going to be just as popular as his other hits. He has a way of giving everyone what they want in a song. FreqLoad is a producer that you are going to want to hear.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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