“Do You Feel It Now” by Charlie Fisher

Charlie Fisher is a pop artist based in the United Kingdom. He has been releasing music for years and if “Do You Feel It Now” is your first song then you’re in for a treat. This cool danceable track is energetic and impossible not to groove along to. Both catchy and incredibly funky, I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for days.

The busy instrumental is impossible not to move along to. From chopped vocals to modern synthesizers, the texture was constantly changed and evolved to match the lead vocals. Deep bass lines move funkily besides the breakneck drums. Despite having so many different sounds entering and leaving, nothing ever felt overly

complicated or overwhelming. Additionally, the lead melody had no difficulty cutting through the noise like a knife.
Whether you’re a years-long Charlie Fisher fan or haven’t had the luxury of hearing a song yet you’re bound to enjoy “Do You Feel It Now”. Equal parts nostalgic and modern (despite how contradictory those terms are), it was jam-packed with talent. Everything was detailed and enjoyable whether the cool lead melody or the rock-solid instrumental.

With so many cool elements going on, it’s no surprise this release is as great as it is. What ties everything together, however, was the vocals. They matched the energy around them and gave the song personality. Without their confident delivery, I can’t imagine “Do You Feel It Now” would have had the same impact. Fisher has truly outdone themselves with this awesome release, from the impassioned performance to the grooves that stay stuck in your head for days.

“Do You Feel It Now” by Charlie Fisher is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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