‘Fear of Quiet’ by Murinaj

Passionate indie producer Murinaj has just released his second single “Fear of Quiet.” This track truly throws the listener into an introspective dreamscape while also being something to bop to. It’s based on a nostalgia for the future, and it does a great job at capturing this energy within both the musicianship and lyrical ability. It’s exciting to see this artist back at it and continuing to release captivating music.

‘Fear of Quiet’ is one of those tracks that reels you in with its album art and then keeps you there with its astounding atmosphere. This track is nothing short of dreamy and entrancing, perfectly capturing a chill synthy indie sound. The roll to the bass brings in a bit of a vaporwave sound, filling out the atmospheric vibe that it has. The guitar solo at the end adds an extra pop to the sound, giving just the right hit to end things off on. The bright synths add to the dreaminess of the overall sound, and it fits along the lines of Japanese House, Glass House Point, and The 1975. If you like any of their sounds, you’re going to love how Murinaj uniquely captures the genre.

Murinaj says that “Fear of Quiet focuses on the balance between optimism and irrational hope.” The lyrics of this track are written in a way that captures the tone of a perplexing poem. It feels like you can pick up more of its meaning each and every time you give it a new listen. One way to read it is as a track exploring the fear of losing out on love due to your own fears and reservations. This can be seen in lyrics such as “With the fear of quiet I brace for the encounter / And I wish I’d only get you to stay,” “The empty trust still hopes it carries my name,” and “I didn’t mean to push the feeling away.” This seems to tell the tale of someone who wants to chase love, but they can’t due to hurt that’s still lingering from the past. But it’s so much deeper than that, and there’s so much to explore and many ways to explore it. As Murinaj says, it’s about “Nostalgia towards what we are yet to see.”

New Haven based indie producer Justin Morano, musically known as Murinaj, has finally finished ‘Fear of Quiet’ after having been working through writers block for a year. This release already shows a dynamic presence through his discography, sounding very unique from his previous single ‘I wonder why I’m upside down.’ It’s exciting to see this amazing musician jumping back into things, and you can’t help but wonder what’s coming next. ‘Fear of Quiet’ paints a creative musical picture of this concept, and it reels you straight into its atmosphere.

Written by Sage Plapp




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