“Something To Cry About” by Savanna Blu

Narrative songwriting has been utilized by many artists from Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Another singer that is taking this approach to songwriting is Savanna Blu. Blu’s single “Something To Cry About” is a narrative about coming to terms with the aftermath of a fractured relationship.

The song begins with the sound of a synthesizer followed by a light, gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and backing vocals. A steady drumbeat makes an entrance as the first verse commences. A layer of harmony is created between Savanna’s vocals and the backing vocals, which gives the composition more substance. When the chorus is sung for the second time around, the drumbeat becomes a bit heavier. Savanna’s vocals are soft, rich, and heartfelt. During the bridge of the song the drums drop out, and we reach the climax of the song as Savanna delivers an intense, emotional message to her former lover. “And I’m sorry isn’t enough to break a fall. So, if I’m going to be a casualty of yours then you don’t know me at all.” She also demonstrates her wide vocal range as she hits a high note within the bridge. The song ends with the sound of someone scanning the radio, which leads up to a short audio clip of Savanna Blu singing a line from her song “Something To Cry About.”

Savanna Blu is based in Palm Coast, Florida and she released an EP titled Follow Where It Goes last year. Blu’s songwriting skills demonstrate her ability to craft songs that are rich in imagery.


Written by Brittany Jennings





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