“Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze” by Warahenege

Warahenege is an artist out of the UK who refuses to compromise his unique sound. On “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze”, their latest release and third song from their upcoming EP, he manages to meld the atmospheric almost indie sound with introspective lyricism beautifully. The light sound washes over you restfully while cool bass lines dance in the background. A lovely release that is as easy to listen to as it is well made.

One element in particular that sets Warahenege apart from other similar artists is the energy of their releases. On “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze” in particular, the song feels restless yet subdued. Energetic, yet relaxed. It’s this duality that kept me coming back for more, as it deepens the impact of everything happening around it. The meaning of lyrics becomes less obvious without dampening their impact. Despite adding complexity to the songs meaning, it doesn’t make it any harder to listen to. Everything still seems to come together beautifully, but it feels more human. Emotions are hard and anybody claiming to fully understand them is lying, so when an artist is honest and true to how they feel the whole experience is elevated.

Between the cool, gentle melodies and the confident rhythm section, Warahenege sounds better than ever. “Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze” is pretty, artistic, and most importantly enjoyable – a great release. Not too complicated or needlessly busy, the light impact was perfect and showed off the band in the best way possible. Both enjoyable and impressive – all you need for a killer release.

“Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze” by Warahenege is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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