“Joy Control” by Modern Guilt

Modern Guilt is a five piece band from London and this is one of their releases first releases of 2022 “Joy Control”. This single is produced by long-term collaborator Mikey Buckley and according to the group the new single “Joy Control” sits somewhere between the sounds of Motown and the New Wave scene of 1970’s New York City.  Jaz (vocals/guitar), Andreas Podda (lead guitar), Scott Thomson (drums), Glyn Evans (keys/organs) and Dan Williams (bass).

When someone wastes their talent it can make you feel pretty pissed off, you can see all their potential and yet they are throwing it away. Lyrically “Joy Control” depicts the frustrations of watching an individual, for a multitude of reasons, choose not to become someone you thought they could be. Sticking to the 1970s vibe, this is a very nostalgic feel song with eerily relatable lyrics.

“Joy Control” was released at a perfect time, this song gives off a spring/summer vibe. It makes you want to go to the beach or maybe the park. When the chorus hits, you can’t help but to shake your hips and move your head side to side. “You keep me hanging on. Oh on the telephone.” will be screaming from your mouth as the song is coming to an end.

Modern Guilt’s latest single “Joy Control” is just the beginning of their 2022 adventure. You can’t help but to be anxious for their next release, they leave you wanting more and more. This five piece group is becoming more and more known as the days go by. You won’t want to miss out on Modern Guilt.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Carl Fox




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