My first round of listening to OREN’s “Hold U” had me hooked. The dark pop musician released the song on February 14, 2022 and really hits a new note with it, especially while it is relatable to many of us. OREN says the song is about staying in a toxic relationship because you want to be seen as special in someone’s eyes. Staying for that reason and not out of love is something that many of us are fighting to break out of. It’s a tough world!

The vibe for “Hold U” hits different marks and sounds, seemingly inspired by the cities OREN has lived in: Tel Aviv, Miami, New York City, and now Los Angeles. OREN really has been everywhere and it shows in his music in the best way possible.

“Hold U” features pulsating percussion combined with smooth R&B style lyrics that mesh for a perfect jam. I found my head bobbing along to the catchiness of the beat more than once as I listened! It’s so much more than that, though. These lyrics? They hit differently when you’ve dealt with feelings of insecurity in relationships before.

It’s his second release of 2022, making him on schedule for his goal of releasing new singles monthly after his last Spotify release was in 2019. His last single “In Your Head” is so much different from the lighter sound of “Hold U” but still has the pulsating percussion he is known for.

Expect to hear more catchy beats from this LA-based artist. You can follow him on his socials linked below. 

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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