“sometimes i just want to be alone” by FROSTisRAD

Metro Detroit artist FROSTisRAD describes himself as an alternative artist, he mixes his passions for music and video into one experience. As an art director, vocalist, and designer, he says his work evokes powerful emotions like love, rage and sadness. He describes his music as fun feel good music, a different kind of emo. FROSTisRAD is making emo rap sound good. Emo rap tends to leave a bad taste in some peoples mouth, but FROSTisRAD is emo rap done right he has a xxxtentacion vibe mixed with a little bit of MCR.

“Hi everyone, I’m FROSTisRAD and this is AV Club and you know? Sometimes I just want to be alone.” Have you ever been to a party and you getting this huge overwhelming feeling and all you want to do is leave and just be by yourself, even if it is just for a moment? FROSTisRAD opens the music video for “sometimes i just want to be alone” with showing exactly how it feels to want to escape.

FROSTisRAD is making emo rap cool. He doesn’t mumble, he enunciates and is able to make you feel something with a different vibe. “sometimes i just want to be alone” is a song that allows you to feel okay for not always wanting to be around people. The stigma of having to be around your partner or friends can sometimes make you feel insecure because you want space.

The hilarious ending to the video could also been taken as a message. It can almost be whatever you interpret it to be. It’s nice to see an artist be themselves outside of music. FROSTisRAD makes you feel comfortable enough to be yourself.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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