“Where Are We Going” by Apollo Rising

Apollo Rising is an alternative electronic duo based in Ottawa, Canada that was formed by producer, pianist and vocalist Danick Coutu and drummer Colvin Gallant. Danick grew up in a home that housed an untouched, slightly out of tune piano while Colvin grew up in a home full of musicians, his mom a singer and his dad a guitarist. The duo share a passion for the industry and a mutual creative vision so them meeting was bound to happen.

They just released a video to one of their hit singles “Where Are We Going”, this video depicts the band struggling to re-discover their love and passion for music. It captures themes of “depression, addiction, disillusionment, and the power of choice”. Times can become hard and you can sometimes get in your head which can make things more difficult.

This duo brings you a chill and upbeat song that provides a relatable message, Danick and Colvin are providing the vibes that everyone needs. Watching the video, in relation to the songs makes you feel less alone, it’s also a video about preservation. Never give up on yourself.

Apollo Rising is showing that they are making amazing music because the world is taking notice. With over 18,000 Spotify listens and over a million listens on their top song, Apollo Rising is “rising” to the top. You are going to want to be around to see their growth.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Novoviso Productions




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