“You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)” by The Qwarks

Coming from Brighton Uk is The Qwarks, they are a three piece psychedelic group that consists of Phil Johnstone on guitar and vocals, Simon Young as the bassist, Nick Flowers is the drummer. According to The Qwarks, this latest song from them, “You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)”, focuses on who really matters: the fans. Come on this psychedelic journey, cross dimensions and be sucked into spiraling vortexes of likes, influencers, self-help gurus, and content kings; hear punk vocals, guitar synth-based trumpets.

“You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)” takes you on a journey from the very beginning of the song. It pays tribute to the fans like you, it feels good to be acknowledged, especially from a group such as The Qwarks. The video is another trip within a trip, they are such an eclectic group and it is obvious in the way that they play, that they belong together.

The line “The better we play, the less you like” which is funny because in true punk fashion, punks tend to like music that isn’t always well put together. With that being said what’s there to not like in The Qwarks, they have witty and catchy lyrics, they scream about content and to stop scrolling. They make you want to listen.

The Qwarks has been making a name for themselves in the last year and the people are loving them. They are a three piece that you don’t want to miss out on, they are making music for all the weirdos out there. You will regret not taking this journey with them.

“Number one…like this page, number two…like this page…number three like this page and stop scrolling”

Written by Jaye Maverick




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