If you are looking for a perfect song to start your weekend with, MONOCHROME’s debut single, “WHO WE ARE,” is just for you. It’s an electronic genre-fusing hip-hop track that pretty much anyone listening will get hooked by the first 20 seconds; it is ideal for fans of 80s and 90s hip-hop groups with a modern twist. The music is catchy, unique, trippy, and the ultimate party song. 

Although “WHO WE ARE” has elements of old-school rap, it also has modern components reminiscent of early Brockhampton and 99 Neighbors, which hasn’t been heard in years. It is truly the ultimate combination of hip-hop and electronic music, having something that everyone will gravitate towards. This is MONOCHROME’s first single, yet the duo already has such a distinct sound; they are destined to take off this year, so get your hands on this track before they become huge.

MONOCHROME consists of multi-talented musicians Alexander and Max, who were both born and raised in the small town of Varberg, Sweden, and met while they were seniors in high school. With Max’s love for electronic music and Alexander’s influences from early 90s hip-hop, the duo made a distinctive combination sound of both genres that blend so flawlessly. Whereas Max studied music production in school, Alexander studied film and photography, together creating the truly unique sound of MONOCHROME.

“WHO WE ARE” starts with a compelling melody that immediately catches the listener’s ears; then, an ultra-catchy chorus with the lyrics “They don’t even know who we are” makes their way. Alexander’s impeccable voice is low-toned and extremely captivating to listen to, while the ultra-addicting instrumental ties the song together remarkably. All within the first few seconds, the song is already a showstopper. 

Get “WHO WE ARE” on your party playlists as it’s assured to get any group of people to nod their heads to. Keep a lookout for MONOCHROME this year, as they are guaranteed to blow up!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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