“Heaven” by Max Edwards

Max Edwards marvels at how lucky he is to have found love in his new song “Heaven.” Edwards says he wrote this song on Valentine’s Day, and it’s fitting that such a pure love song was inspired by the very day that celebrates love.

Throughout the song, Edwards is speaking to his love, describing the way she makes him feel and how grateful he is to have her in his life. He says “when I wake up right next to you and I stare into your eyes, my body shakes with butterflies.” Even though this love isn’t new, Edwards is still overcome with emotion and nerves just by looking at her. This kind of love is something many of us aspire to- a love that gives you flashes of the honeymoon phase even years into the relationship. 

In the chorus, several of the lines have a very quick vocal delivery: “when I miss you, wanna kiss you, and you haunt me, when you’re not here, girl I want you.” The urgency of these lines, how they follow each other so quickly, is a great way to sonically show how intensely Edwards is feeling this love. He is almost desperate to express to this girl how invested he is in the relationship, and it is a beautiful sentiment. 

The upbeat production style of “Heaven” also adds to the atmosphere of being happy and grateful. Steady drums mirror the steady relationship while beat drops mirror its intense passion. With crisp vocals, reverent lyrics, and bright production, “Heaven” is an ode to the wonders of being in love. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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