“Scallion Pancake Adventure” by TYDY

Coming from NYC is psychedelic rock duo TYDY also known as Tyler Kamen(TY) and Dylan Bressler(DY). Between the two of them, they play the guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. Friends since they were you, they decided to pursue music together….They wrote their first song together at just 8 years old and most of them were about food.

According to the duo, “Scallion Pancake Adventure” is a 9 minute adventure song that follows the story of 2 knights hungry for the greatest food they have ever seen. It’s a song that switches through multiple genres, and meets new characters along the way. This song truly is one of the greatest journeys you can take with a band.

Starting the story off with not even knowing where they’re going, just in the direction of food. Nothing can stop the hunger of TYDY. The song then tunes into the country station and gives you a ballad about broccoli, and where they should head next.

This duo is such a unique and interesting group, they are making music that you can’t copy. They are in a league of their own. From country, to a rock anthem, to a gospel vibe. They are amazing.

These are guys you either love or hate and it’ll be impossible to hate them after you hear “Scallion Pancake Adventure”. If this song doesn’t make you want to eat and also bounce off the walls, then you are listening to it wrong. TYDY is going to be a name that everyone knows, just be glad you got to hear them first.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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