“End of Time” by Paul Bidault

The cinematic song of the week is by none other than Paul Bidault for his third single, “End of Time.” From the press of play, you can instantly envision a time, a place, and a mood. This is a wonderful song fit for a scene out of a spooktacular fantasy film. 

One could imagine someone like Danny Elfman giving his best Jack Skellington performance with “End of Time.” While it does not sound like something you would hear around the holidays come December, it does give off a foggy fall night at the old-timey circus. What makes this song stand out from anything that is come across my table as of late is not just the edgy way Paul Bidault approaches alternative folk, but the addition of the trumpet. It was this stellar addition that placed this one apart from a lot that is out there right now in the alt-scene. 

Paul Bidault is not afraid to highlight the darker side of music with “End of Time.” He really dove deep into a vintage sound that should be explored more in modern-day music. Those who can’t get enough of what Paul Bidault has to offer are welcomed to check out his first two singles; “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Burden Off My Shoulders.” All three will be on Bidault’s upcoming debut, ‘Dark Tides.’ Until the album is here, make sure to listen to “End of Time” and all the rest Paul Bidault has to offer on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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