“More Than Friends” by Enoka

Enoka is an accomplished Swedish artist that never disappoints. Her new song “More Than Friends” details the feeling of being in love with a friend, and the internal conflict that comes along with wanting to confess those feelings. 

“We’ve known each other for quite some time, but you don’t know what’s on my mind.” Despite the intensity of Enoka’s feelings, her friend has no idea that she loves him. Having feelings for a friend can be so difficult, because you’re hiding a huge part of yourself from them. But at the same time, being honest could ruin the friendship. 

Bringing romantic feelings into an established friendship is tricky, and there is no clear way to do it. Enoka takes a straightforward approach, saying “I wanna be more than friends.” A simple statement, but one that carries so much weight. This honesty puts Enoka in such a vulnerable position, but her love overpowers the fear of rejection.

Sonically, “More Than Friends” has a synth-heavy, snappy beat that will take you back to the 80s. The upbeat flow of this song contrasts with the lyrical content, which perfectly matches the conflicting feelings of being in love with a friend. You have the positives of being around the person you love, the highs of getting to see them. But that comes with the lows of hiding your feelings and the fear of what will happen when you reveal them. 

The heartache of the lyrics in “More Than Friends” camouflages behind the song’s catchy beat- just as romantic feelings hide behind a platonic facade in a friendship. Enoka beautifully describes unrequited love while still giving you a song to dance to.

Written by Emily Cushing





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