“Honey” by Apple Shakers

Apple Shakers are an Alt Indie duo from East London. The duo tends to pull inspiration from indie, psychedelia, punk and alt rock and all of that combined creates an honest and powerful guitar driven sound with scratchy yet smooth vocals. They are producing a sound that is easy to love.

Apple Shakers releases new single “Honey” which they say is a true anthem that was written, recorded and produced within the empty shadow of towering central London. The duo released their first single in 2020 and now in 2022 they are coming back hard with their 4th single. “Honey” is the type of track you play when you need to let loose and get out of your head.

“Honey” gives off the vibes of a song you listen to right before a big game, it gets you hyped up and ready to conquer the day. The guitar riffs will be something that you can’t get enough of, then you top that off with the vocals that take you to different places.

The duo has clearly been doing everything right, people are taking notice and falling in love, and what’s not to love. They play fast, relatable music and produce something catchy that will stay in your head hours after you hear it. Don’t be the one person to miss out on a fantastic duo such as Apple Shakers.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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