“BFF” by I am the Unicorn Head

I Am The Unicorn Head is a very unique alternative/indie duo,that comes from the United Kingdom and the United States. When the pandemic first hit, I am the Unicorn head was being formed, they started by sharing music together online and then they eventually released their first single “Eating Cornbread In Quarantine” back in mid August of 2021. “BFF” is the latest and fifth single from the duo.

According to the duo, their latest single “BFF” is a take on the age old story of selling your soul to the devil…..in this case to avoid loneliness. Some people turn to God is times of stress or loneliness and others do not, whether it’s God or Satan, you no longer belong to you. You belong to them. They become a friend in a sense and it’s okay to sing about your friends.

In this case, I am the Unicorn Head is providing a catchy song that you can’t help but to sing along to. “BFF” makes you want Satan as a bestie, they make being soul giving seem like the fun thing to do. Feeling alone can sometimes be the worst feeling in the world and when you listen to “BFF” it makes life feel just a little bit better.

I am the Unicorn Head is the fun, unique, eclectic group that we have needed. The world sometimes makes it really hard to enjoy life, and music is typically an outlet that you choose. I am the Unicorn is making sure people like you smile and have fun, despite the judgement from the world.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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