“Broken Dreams” by Amber T

Everybody has a dream of some sort that they hope to turn into reality for themselves. Unfortunately, not all dreams come true and this can cause one to feel as if he or she was misled, especially if he or she had been chasing this dream for a long time. The single “Broken Dreams” by singer-songwriter Amber T addresses this subject matter.

“Broken Dreams” begins with a catchy introduction of Amber T singing mmm mmm, ah ah, which is accompanied by an upbeat tempo. The composition features a rhythmic drumbeat, a soft guitar riff, and a keyboard. The lyrics are honest and heartfelt as Amber sings about how she was misled by someone who she thought she could trust. “Still drifting away from your conversations, no celebrations.” Amber’s vocals are soft, rich, and they convey so much emotion. Backing vocals make an appearance in the second verse, adding harmony to the composition. Amber flawlessly demonstrates her vocal range as she sings the following line, “Breaking on me” where she hits some very high notes. Halfway through the song, the dynamics change from upbeat to mellow as the drums drop out and the keyboard briefly becomes the driving force in the chorus. The drums reemerge towards the end of the chorus, creating an intense beat. A layer of distorted backing vocals accompanies Amber’s vocals as the song ends.

Amber T is based in the United Kingdom and she has been making music since 2019. At just eighteen years old, Amber T is demonstrating that she has what it takes to build an audience for her music.


Written by Brittany Jennings 

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