“Afterlife” by Jacob Humber

Indie singer-songwriter Jacob Humber just released his relatable and truthful single “Afterlife,” written about being raised in a religious environment where many people use their faith/belief against people instead of using it to spread love and connect with people. 

“What’s the point of being right if all we ever do is talk about the f*cking afterlife,” Humber sings in the chorus. This lyric in the track cannot be closer to the truth. As one who has been raised in a religious household as well, I can confirm Humber’s point.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve witnessed a religious guru telling people that their actions have consequences in the afterlife, I’d be a millionaire. Many people are turned off to religion because they’re constantly being reminded that their actions will lead them to either heaven or hell, instead of being taught the positive parts like acceptance, forgiveness, etc. 

“Afterlife” is an incredibly deep and captivating song. It’s incredible how Humber is open and truthful with his audience. It’s also inspiring and brave of Humber to speak on a topic that seems controversial. Whether or not many find the song’s meaning offensive, Humber still said what he wanted to say in the track, which is the epitome of a great musician.

There’s no doubt that Humber will go far with his music career. You can find “Afterlife” on all music streaming platforms and don’t be afraid to share it with others. Also, follow him on his socials for more upcoming releases. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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