“Dreaming” by ELENA

“Dreaming” by ELENA is the perfect marriage of modern and eighties pop music. The production combines several nostalgic elements that perfectly emulate a vintage production style. However, the song still feels cool, trendy, and relevant.

This song greets us with a plucky, chorused guitar riff layered with some beautifully well-executed vocal runs. The tone and versatility of her voice foreshadow the powerful vocal performance the track is about to deliver. The lyrics chime, “You kissed me in my dream / It f*cked me up for days,” introducing an all-too-familiar theme–one of unspoken desire and uncertainty. The lyrics build on this concept as the production builds even more layers: drum machine hits, harmonies, floating synths, and a breath that kicks off the pre-chorus.


The pre-chorus showcases the uniqueness of the singer’s voice. The pronunciation of certain words like “you” and “darling” contains a tinge of an accent, giving these lines elegance, power, and intimacy. Something is endearing about hearing these idiosyncrasies. It fosters a deeper connection with the artist and her message.

The chorus arrives with an undeniably catchy hook. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though–vocal harmonies emphasize words and syllables, making the chords and rhythm in these brief moments shine. Paying attention to the drums alone is entertaining enough, as the apt-placed sounds not only compliment but drive the movement of the track itself.

Another verse and chorus glide by, with a few cleverly added harmonies keeping it interesting. The song eventually concludes with one last repetition of the hook, cutting off abruptly but in the prime spot to keep you humming it for the rest of your day. Without a doubt, “Dreaming” is a pop song with just the right formula for a Top 40 hit.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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