“Sage” by Cam Dasher

“Sage” by Cam Dasher is this futuristic, mind-bending ballad. The lyrics are heartbreaking, but the production is mechanical, busy, often psychedelic, and overall completely fascinating.

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“NYNY” by Kritters X FILLY

“NYNY” by Kritters X FILLY is this fantastically trippy, mesmerizing pop anthem. Complete with bouncy synths and some washy vocal effects, this track feels a

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“Who I Am” by Edsun

“Who I Am” by Edsun is funky, effortlessly cool, and perfect for the summertime. With its unique synths and meticulously produced pop vocals, this track

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“Lost Child” by ALLY THORN

“Lost Child” by ALLY THORN is effortlessly catchy, beautifully performed, and overall thrilling to listen to. Ally’s voice manages to be bright and warm all

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“Confide” by Moosa Saleem

“Confide” by Moosa Saleem offers a warm, comforting atmosphere, defined by ever-present acoustic guitar, reverb-doused background vocals, and introspective lyrics. The listener needs not worry

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“run” by Randy Beth

Randy Beth is one of those artists that you can tell, even through swaths of production and editing, is an incredible performer. Not only is

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“I DONT CARE” by misc_alt_

“I DONT CARE” by misc_alt_ is the epitome of chill, indie, atmospheric music. It seamlessly combines a heavily-produced vocal sound with some organic instrumentation, including

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“Thea” by Ambiere

“Thea” by Ambiere is a perfect throwback to late 90s pop. If you were there for Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” or you just really love

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