“Orpheus” by LETI

“Orpheus” by LETI is a spacey, keyboard-based pop track with an elegant set of chords. It feels classic, bluesy, modern, and experimental all at once.

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“Third Eye” by Lewis Knaggs

“Third Eye” by Lewis Knaggs is an absolutely transcendent soft rock track. Based upon a strong foundation of bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and decadent background

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“More Than A Friend” by Vanda

“More Than A Friend” by Vanda is a brilliantly produced, vibrantly performed, wildly well-written pop song. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment—you’ll get whiplash

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“WGYTAU?” by KANITHA is a slow, emotional outpouring of lyricism. As each bittersweet chord passes by, KANITHA’s soft yet powerful performance lays a foundation for

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“Bright Side” by MKX

“Bright Side” by MKX is simply the epitome of energy. With each crisp electronic drum hit or clever, relatable lyric, this track blossoms into a

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“Alligator” by LØVE OUTLIER

“Alligator” by Løve Outlier is a 90s-inspired acoustic ballad full of climactic builds and idiosyncratic, impressive vocals. While its various, texturally distinct instruments hold down

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