“You” by Sarah Orton

“You” by Sarah Orton is a sultry, groovy track full of unexpected turns. A rhythmic departure from the often shoe-gazey, soft fabric of indie pop

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“Symptoms” by Katie Belle

“Symptoms” by Katie Belle is a devilishly clever metaphor for infatuation set against a backdrop of crisp instrumentation, delicate vocals, and infectious arrangement. With a

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“Awol” by Rob Roth

“Awol” by Rob Roth is one of the catchiest pieces of pop music you’ll hear. Its rhythmic integrity and elegant, intuitive writing style create their

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“Flatline” by Vince Spano

“Flatline” by Vince Spano is the high-energy pop-rock song of your dreams. Defined by raspy, emotive vocals and heavy instrumentation, this song makes an incredible

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“karma.” by thankmelater.

“karma.” by thankmelater. is a gritty fusion between trap sensibilities and rock songwriting—which can sound like a daunting sound—but just wait until you hear it.

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