“I Got Caught” by Jeremy Engel

Defined by stunning vocal performances and captivating storytelling, Jeremy Engel’s music is mature and emotive. “I Got Caught” stands out in his discography as one of his most unique and engaging singles yet.

“I Got Caught” has a refined sonic palette that allows Engel’s vocals to take center stage and explore deep themes of the pressures within a suffocating relationship. The growing strings and gorgeous guitar line pair against each to perfectly illustrate the highs and lows of a relationship. With distinct influences from greats like Cohen, Damien Rice and Rory Gallagher, “I Got Caught” is also rich in originality and soul.

Despite only releasing his first single in early 2020, Engel has crafted a lush discography of songs, intimate and endearing. His debut song, “I Don’t Want to Stay” was accompanied by a multi-award-winning music video.

Jeremy was born in France but moved to Ireland after he was inspired by watching Rory Gallagher’s documentary “Irish Tour 74”. After moving to Dublin in 2006, he managed to get a job at the Guinness storehouse and ended up working as a tour guide for two years.

At the very start of an incredibly promising career, there’s no better time to sink your teeth into Engel’s discography and no better song than “I Got Caught” to introduce yourself to his remarkable sound. Stream Jeremy Engel’s new single “I Got Caught” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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