“Baby” by The Violet Nines

“Baby” by Minneapolis-based groove pop six piece the The Violent Nines begins deceptively slowly, before breaking into a funky, upbeat sound as synthesizers revv up like a rocket ship taking off. The lyrics, sung by vocalist Hayley Lewis, describe rebuffing unwanted advances from an entitled jerk in a bar convinced she’s his missing link despite her declining repeated invitations.

The next song is the dreamy track “When You Love Someone”, a thoughtful song with light, airy orchestration and drawn-out verses that leave you in the midst of a daydream. “Someday” is next, a vibrant song that features a light piano accompaniment that complements the delicate nature of Jes’ voice effortlessly. Echoing melodies create a cinematic scene as she sings “I’m all yours, someday”. The final track “24” begins with a reverberating guitar intro that continues the trend of minimal instrumentation for maximum emotional effect. Featuring her signature heartfelt, honest lyrics, “24” perfectly draws the album’s story to a close.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Jes’s debut EP is an incredibly vulnerable, personal album that showcases the singer’s sweet, emotive voice, soulful style, and unique perspective. While you may find the album ends too soon for your liking, you’ll be pleased to find that Vol. 2 is in production and is set to be released later in 2021.





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