“Lost Without You” by Red Skies Mourning

Red Skies Mourning, also known as Chris Aleshire, is an artist that combines rock and pop for a riveting style all his own. In his new song “Lost Without You,” Aleshire sings of the visceral feelings of being abandoned by someone you love.

“Your heart got so damn cold, like I don’t know you anymore.” The end of a relationship, especially when it’s not mutual, can feel like such a blindside. You feel like you knew this person so well, you saw “eye to eye” with them, but then it all changes. They no longer feel like the person you loved, because the person you loved would’ve never caused you such pain.

This change left Aleshire feeling lost, telling his ex “you know I’ve been so lost without you.” The pain cuts even deeper when you realize the other person knows that they would hurt you by leaving, and chose to do it anyway.

Despite the pain this ex-lover has caused, the line “when the world’s crashing down, I’ll be there to pick you up” shows Aleshire refuses to give up on them. Even after being abandoned and hurt, there is still hope they will come back. Or at the very least, there is an inability to stop caring.

“Lost Without You” has an upbeat tempo and catchy instrumentation, which contrasts with the heartbroken lyrical content. This mirrors the hope Aleshire has that his ex will come back, as well as the effort to cover up sadness so often attempted by heartbroken people. A relatable anthem for lost love, “Lost Without You” by Red Skies Mourning is dismal, yet hesitantly hopeful.

Written by Emily Cushing





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