“Reign Love” by Dorian

Dorian has the voice, the rhythm, and the style to be a sensational Pop/R&B artist–and there is no greater example of this than his newest single, “Reign Love.” Complete with nostalgic, early-2000s pop production and stellar vocal harmonies, this track feels like something straight out of Ne-yo’s discography. It’s smooth, groovy, and just overall delightful.

The intro kicks off with a covered-sounding synth line slowly opening up. Dorian comes in with the verse melody, which closely mirrors the synth. Kick drum and clap samples keep the gentle yet intense groove driving. The best thing about this verse, however, is the rhythm, placement, and sound of the lyrics. He proclaims, “I’m laser-focused / All those times when I won’t notice / moments seem to run together.” These words follow a steady rhythm, but the vowels and sounds in each word complement each other tremendously and give the verse an almost rap-flow-like feeling. The proximity of “notice” and “moments” is such a clever and satisfying choice.

The chorus is where the vocal harmonies really kick in. As Dorian’s voice floats over the newly established bass line, the harmonies billow with tight, methodical note choices. His lead line is also beautifully and meticulously chorused, giving this section a fuller sound. This technique continues into the second verse, where a higher octave doubles everything Dorian does, including a pleasantly surprising vocal line on the word, “suddenly.” The bridge is also largely highlighted by the vocals, this time by combining several motifs at once to create an almost choir-like experience.

The arc of “Reign Love” is continually entertaining, and often unanticipated. It’s a perfect combination of old and new-school R&B and absolutely belongs on your Spring 2022 playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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