“Roller Skating” by Tim Scott

“Roller Skating” by Manchester-born rock pop artist Tim Scott was first released all the way back to early last summer, on May 7th, 2021—fitting for the summery vibe of the song. On his Soundcloud bio, Tim Scott describes his musical endeavors as “Uplifting Guitar House Chillout Music,” a description that certainly fits “Roller Skating.”

Though the track is not fully, instrumental, the guitar takes center stage in this song—as expected for Tim Scott, who describes himself as a “fanatical electric guitar player.” The song is distinguished by its shoegaze-y, light riffs reminiscent of Mild High Club. Scott’s work on the guitar is distinctly satisfying, relaxing and pleasurable to listen to. The vocal part of the song is comprised of a soft male voice crooning simple words that conjure strong imagery, like “blue skies” and “ice cream,” along with the song’s title, of course: “Roller skating.” Overall, the song is distinctly catchy, making you want to listen again and again, and its uplifting vibes put you in a great mood.

The art accompanying the single is predominantly bright pink, with aqua-blue accents and a font fit for a neon sign from Las Vegas in the 1980s. It provides the perfect visual to accompany the light, bubblegum-y vibe of the single.

In his Soundcloud bio, Tim Scott describes his project as a “tropical adventure,” and “Roller Skating” certainly fits that descriptor, making you dream of summer streets and popsicles.

As warmer weather and brighter skies are just around the corner, now is the perfect time to stream “Roller Skating.” You should also check out Tim Scott’s most recent release, “Escape to Paradise,” which came out just last week.

Reviewed by Sarah Yoerger





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