“Feelings” by Chris Caulfield

“Feelings” by Canada-based alternative rock / emo pop rock artist Chris Caulfield was first released on March 11th, 2022. In his Soundcloud bio, Chris Caulfield describes himself as a “unique blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and lo-fi genres with introspective lyrics and haunting melodies,” certainly an accurate descriptor for “Feelings.” The single begins with an eerie male voice whispering gibberish. Though at first the song’s start is slightly disconcerting, the lurch of the chorus of “Abracadabra, goin’ in” becomes immediately catchy, making you want to listen over and over to scratch that itch in your brain.

The vocals cover a range of human emotion, ranging from soft, melodic singing to whispering to talking to screaming to groaning, sometimes overlapping each other, demonstrating the complexity of human emotion. The lyrics are decided decidedly eerie and almost horror-movie inspired, providing descriptors like: “as the walls come caving in,” “a gun in my mind deep inside that I can’t feel,” and “my spine paralyzed from feelings.” The overall theme of the song, as well as the different vocal styles used within, are reminiscent of emo pop rock / hip hop giants Twenty One Pilots.

The album art depicts what appears to be a cloud of rainbow smoke, perhaps forming two screaming faces pointing in opposite directions, mirroring one another—or maybe not. The piece is reminiscent of ink blot tests given by psychologists, calling back to the song’s themes of intense emotion and internal demons.

We really enjoyed “Feelings,” and are looking forward to further releases from Chris Caulfield—keep your eyes peeled!





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