“Like Home” by Wild Fire feat. Honey County

Having grown up in a community that was on the smaller side, I’ve gotten to watch some of the people I grew up with have those high school sweetheart turned lifetime partner moments, and it’s truly a side of romance that is endearing. So when I pressed play on “Like Home” from Wild Fire featuring Honey County, I thought of all those former peers and the beautiful lives they’ve all built together, and it touched my heart. On top of the personal, “Like Home” delivers all you want and more in a country meets pop song. 

First and foremost, the vocals come through beautifully. Wild Fire features a pair of sisters who’ve been on a musical journey together for several years now, but they did something new with “Like Home” and saddled up with another duo, Honey County. They worked on not only the song together, but you can hear a seamless blend of all of their vocals throughout the track. So, country harmonies for days as well as simple, sweet, heartfelt lyricism that give way to a lovely love song that many, whether or not they’re longtime lovers or not, can dig their teeth into. 

“Like Home” follows Wild Fire’s last release of 2021, “What If We Never Met.” It’s clear from what they’ve done thus far that they’re continuing the tradition of delivering a pop spin to the country genre that artists like Shania and Taylor set in place before them. Those who enjoy those artists as well as the likes of Kelsea Ballerini and Kacey Musgraves will want to check “Like Home,” out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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