“Dreaming” by BREGN

Photo Credit: “Golden Gate Bridge” by Camille Holvoet/Creativity Explored

“You’re getting better…” 

As someone who suffered from sleep paralysis for some time a few years back, “Dreaming” by BREGN was as welcoming as it was an audible release. Written with someone BREGN cared for in mind, it was also nice knowing that this came from a caring place. 

BREGN set out to pen what he felt was a lullaby. He took his folk meets indie meets Scandinavian-inspired ways and spun them into “Dreaming,” a song that lends itself to someone close to him who was experiencing nightmares. While personal from the start for BREGN, this is also a song that is quite universal as sleepless nights due to the torment of vivid thoughts is something many deal with on a nightly basis.

Musically speaking though, “Dreaming” does kick off with a bit of an obscure soundscape, but soon gives way to a more indie folk-like state that made me want to sit around a campfire with a guitar and sing along until the early hours of dawn. What I liked about “Dreaming” is that it showed a different side of BREGN. It felt lighter than the previous singles, especially songs like “Raw.” It is good to hear that this Denmark-based artist is not limiting himself in terms of sound and creativity, and in just a couple of years has been able to deliver layers to what appears to be an ever-evolving style. 

To hear “Dreaming” and more from BREGN, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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