“Regan & Carter” by Speed of Life

Speed Of Life is a unique band, they are the fictional band central to Nick Griffiths’ new book DeadStar, which recounts the mystery disappearance of their frontman and vocalist Garth Tyson. DeadStar is a fictional music oral history set during punk and New Wave in London, bringing to life the scuzz and brilliance of the times. It’s the story of failed musician, Garth Tyson, as told by former bandmates, family members, colleagues, music-biz execs, and the occasional fan. Garth vanished after playing Glastonbury ‘85 with his band, Speed of Life, and was never seen again. 

According to the book, ‘Regan & Carter’ was their debut single, released in 1979 and performed in a long-lost episode of The Old Grey Whistle Test. Inspired by the cult UK TV cop show The Sweeney, its chorus includes the crime-fighting duo’s car number plate. Speed of Life is a band that you won’t want to miss out on. A song from them feels like you’re time traveling, they really take you back to the year 1979.

“Regan & Carter” is as punk as it gets, the London based band provides the vibes with this song. This is their first single and you can only imagine how good the other songs will be, with just this first song released, they will easily become a favorite band of yours.

Speed of Life is a band that knows how to have fun, you can only hope that Garth gets found, if you listen to “Regan & Carter” enough times, maybe it will bring him back.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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