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Review & Interview: “fallin for you” by Brooke Sause

Pop singer and songwriter Brooke Sause released her latest single, “fallin for you” on March 18, 2022. The track is her first release of this year and tells the story of falling in love with a friend. We have all done that at some point, right? There is one line in particular that really resonated with me. “I think I made a mess of our deal cause I’m fallin for you.” This is usually why people try to avoid admitting those feelings that may have developed.

Upbeat and light, “fallin for you” is a fun song that the South Florida-based singer’s vocals are just perfect for. Honestly, I feel like it could be playing during a montage of a romantic comedy where one half of the couple in question would be realizing they love the other. It’s just got that kind of fun, easy-to-follow vibe. The electric guitar and keys lend a lightheartedness in “fallin for you” that matches Brooke’s sweet voice.

There’s that perfectly catchy percussion in “fallin for you” as well which definitely lends to the pop and upbeat vibes. The song was well-produced and the songwriters did a great job at creating a song that pulls the emotions and resonates with so many. So sing along and have fun with it!

Brooke writes all her songs with her older sister, Breana. The songwriting sister duo has big plans for 2022. Brooke plans to release a brand new EP later this year, so stay tuned by following her on her socials linked below.

Q&A with Brooke Sause

Q: We love your vocals! What’s the story behind “fallin for you” – what was the process in making it like?

BROOKE: First off, thank you so much. The story behind “Fallin For You” is interesting. I was in the car one day, when the lyric and melody of the line “let’s be best friends boy” literally just popped up in my head out of nowhere. I thought to myself, “hey that’s pretty cool,” so I recorded a voice memo in the car so I would remember. Later that afternoon, I started working on it. I started the song using my ukulele and wrote some more lyrics and different melodic ideas.

After working on it a bit, I showed my sister, Breana, who writes every song with me. We initially butt heads on this song idea. Breana prefers to work and write darker, more emotional types of songs, and “Fallin For You” is definitely a happier tune. But I am persistent, and she eventually got behind the idea and started to love the song herself. We finished writing it together and sent it over to our producers, then Breana and I went to New York so I could record the vocals and bring the song fully to life.  

Q: What is your favorite memory of making “Fallin For You”?

BROOKE: My favorite part of making “Fallin For You” was actually being in New York to record the vocals because that’s where the song really came to life. It’s the best feeling in the world when you’re in a room with other amazing, talented musicians, and you’re all on the same brain wave. It’s honestly indescribable, there is nothing quite like that feeling. Music has a way of connecting people without words and being on the creation side of music is so incredibly special.  

Q: If you could meet any of your artist inspirations, who would it be and why?

BROOKE: If I could meet any of my artist inspirations, it would definitely be Taylor Swift. She is my biggest inspiration because I have grown up listening to her. She almost feels like that older, cooler cousin that you really look up to. Throughout my entire life, there has always been a Taylor Swift song that applies to what I go through as a young woman, not only in life, but also as a singer-songwriter. She is fearless, determined, and undeniably talented. I think she is one of the best lyricists out there and my dream is for her to hear one of my songs one day and be like “this is a cool song, I like it’. I think meeting her would be the biggest honor I could experience.

Q: What’s the music scene like in South Florida?

BROOKE: In Miami, there is definitely a huge music scene, but where I come from in my hometown, that wasn’t that wasn’t the case. It’s a very suburban, family-oriented place, it’s not New York City or Nashville. So, I actually don’t have the most experience doing live performances, but in 2022 that is definitely one of my goals to accomplish.

Q: What do you do when you’re NOT working on music?

BROOKE: When I’m not working on music, usually I’m doing homework and studying, working, or reading. I’m currently a college student, about to graduate this spring. I think it’s really important to maintain good grades. It’s something that’s practically engraved into me, so I spend a lot of time on schoolwork. Besides school, I work a part-time job as a hostess. Aside from those two things, I absolutely love to light a candle and read a good romance book.

Q: Any advice to give to those wanting to get into the music industry? on now?

BROOKE: If I had to give any advice on people wanting to get into the music industry, I would say to be patient. It’s something I still tell myself every day.  It may seem like every artist is going viral overnight, but this just isn’t really the case. It takes more than just creating a competitive song. It also takes time, commitment, making genuine connections with your listeners, and a lot of research. It’s a journey but if you have the passion for it and the drive and willingness to fight to be heard then it is worth it. Don’t give up! 

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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