“The Nashville Sessions” by Blake Dagley

Blake Dagley is a Dallas Based singer-songwriter, who just released his first EP right at the end of 2021. The EP has already reached about 46,000 listens with no signs of slowing down. By the time you finish with Blake’s EP “The Nashville Sessions” you will hit repeat because you can’t get enough. Blake is singing from his heart about relatable things such as doubt and anxiety.

At some point your in life you have felt anxiety so heavy that you couldn’t breathe, it almost becomes unbearable. According to Blake, “Ain’t Going Down Like This” is a song written to his anxiety and insecurities. When an artist has something in common with you it automatically makes you appreciate them more and like them, it’s no wonder that “Ain’t Going Down Like This” has over 31,000 listens. The dark introduction immediately has you hooked, you won’t be able to stop listening.

“Paradox” is a slowed down, more mature version of his 2008 release of “Paradox”. The 2021 does not disappoint, you can really feel the heartache and pain in Blake’s voice. Blake says that this was written during a time of transition, it’s a song about finding yourself at a fork in the road and knowing that you will be letting someone down no matter the path you choose. You may drop a few tears as you listen to “Paradox”, it tugs at the heart strings.

You can hear the Texas in Blake with “Milly”, it’s a slow song about a girl and who doesn’t love a song about a girl. As the EP comes to the end Blake will have you crying, smiling and laughing. The entirety of the EP lets you deal with all your emotions and he makes it to where you don’t feel alone. He is an artist that you are going to continue to love, he sings about topics that are hard and makes them easy to hear.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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