“The World Is on Fire” by band w/o band

Explosive hard rock that hooks you in from the opening bars, “The World Is on Fire” is a powerful song about the current world we’re living in.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany bandwithoutband is the musical project of Marc, a multi-instrumentalist inspired by alt-rock, metal and post grunge. Marc began making music when he was still in school, playing his first gigs with his former band. Empowered by his passion for music, Marc’s talent and love for his art comes through in every note.

“The World Is on Fire” (and all of band w/o band’s music) is distinctly charismatic and unique in its energy and raw intensity. Alongside its punk authenticity are strong lyrics that explore modern life without shying away from the real issues. Angsty yet mature, “The World Is on Fire” expands on band w/o band’s sound while staying true to their ferocious sound.

Already housing a stunning discography with powerful soundscapes and important messages, “The World Is on Fire” slides nicely into band w/o band’s catalogue. An eclectic mix of emotive performances, gritty guitar tones and dynamics, this new track has everything we’ve come to expect from band w/o band’s incredible sound. The perfect introduction, there’s no better time to check out band w/o band’s amazing music.

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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