“Safety” by Not Sisters

Slick alt-pop defined by its lush production and addictive melodies, “Safety” is a captivating new track from one of Vancouver’s finest Not Sisters.

Made up of vocalist Amanda Doucette and producer Tom Maguire, Not Sisters are an LGBTQ+ duo who explore deep, complex themes with mature, elegant songwriting. A familiar sound paired with modern production sensibilities and a distinct sense of self makes Not Sisters music a completely unique experience from start to end. Expanding on the success of their previous singles, the group have released “Safety”, a magnificent foray into bedroom pop that adds to their eclectic discography.

Never limited as a duo, the group have crafted a dynamic and creative live performance filled with complex live loops and stunning performances. Despite only starting to write music in early 2021, Not Sisters have a defined sound already, rich in atmosphere and dynamics. Tom, who was previously a drummer, learnt to produce music in an extremely small period and combined his skills with Amanda’s classical training and experience with indie and folk music. Their musical chemistry immediately shone through and their sound took little to no time in realizing itself.

Only at the very start of their musical journey, Not Sisters have already crafted a stunning catalogue of songs and amassed a budding fanbase thanks to their emotive soundscapes and energetic live performances. Receiving airtime from multiple local radios, including an interview with CiTR’s Queer FM, they’re quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s most exciting rising artists.

With “Safety”s gorgeous lyricism and stunning sonic landscape, there’s no better track to introduce you to Not Sister’s music. A triumph on all fronts and endlessly endearing, stream “Safety” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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