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Review & Interview: “Always There” by Weston & Teston

Toronto-based duo Weston & Teston dropped their Feels Like Records debut, “Always There” on March 25, 2022. This electric song features vocals from up-and-coming UK artist Belle Gent, who also had a hand in writing it in addition to the duo that make up Weston & Teston. The song already has over 3,500 plays on music streaming giant Spotify. The duo is well-versed in the popularity of their music with their music getting thousands of plays on Spotify, so it’s safe to assume this will fall right in line with their other successes.

“Always There” is an exceptional combination of the balanced drums and bumping bass line Weston & Teston are known for and Belle Gent’s smooth, velvet vocals. The song is perfect for dance parties – it certainly makes me want to get up and move! I mean, listen to that bass line. It’s electricity in music form. 

I can definitely hear this being played in a film where the main character moves through a club and sees the romantic interest dancing. It wouldn’t be the first time that Weston & Teston’s music was used in the media and entertainment industry – their leading single from their debut EP, “Feels Like Home”, was featured on Epic Games’ Rocket League and has over 300,000 streams on Spotify.

Overall, this is a must-have song for me. It meets all the points I like to touch on: good beat, great voice, well-produced. Next up for me is deciding what playlists to add it to! I can’t wait to see what else Weston & Teston do. Follow the duo on their social media platforms linked below their interview.

Q&A with Weston & Teston

Q: We really love the vibe of “Always There” and have to ask, what inspired the song?

W&T: We started the song little over a year ago, when we were listening to a lot of chill dance records from the likes of Disclosure, Sonny Fodera and Phantoms. We started off with the bassline and drum groove you hear today. We loved how catchy the idea felt so we ran with it and structured the song around the groove of the bassline.

Q: How did you come to collaborate with Belle Gent on “Always There”?

W&T: We heard a demo from Belle with another artist over a twitch stream. She had such a beautiful voice so we reached out to her via SoundCloud. We already had the idea of the instrumental down and luckily, Belle was willing to work on it with us!

Q: What was your favorite part in making the track?

W&T: This is tough but our favourite part has got to be the making of the drop. The drum groove along with the bassline just stuck with us from the beginning.

Q: How did Weston & Teston come to be? We know you were DJs, but how did you go from that to this duo?

W&T: We were childhood friends that met in a competitive swim club. Our love and passion for electronic music was what kept us friends since. The name actually comes from a street intersection, Weston Rd and Teston Rd. We always loved how the name sounded and decided to keep it as our artist name.

Q: What’s the music scene like in Toronto?

W&T: The music scene in Toronto is quite diverse. There is always a club, festival or event that you could feel a part of. Currently, the music scene favours the genre of tech house and techno. 

Q: What’s next for you?

W&T: We will continue to finish and release our music! We have several releases planned out for the summer and are ready to keep you posted with new music every month! 

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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