Artist Interview: “Save My Place” by Parader

Q: “Save My Place” is such a catchy song! Listening to the vocals and lyrics, it’s also an emotional song; what inspired you to write this track?

Dmitry (of Parader) – Musically I got the inspiration after watching the movie “the secret life of Walter Mitty” and just seeing all the beauty in life was very inspiring.


Q: “Save My Place” is reminiscent of music like The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, but it has a much more hard rock element to it; the ending where Jon Master’s voice is almost screaming with emotion is beautiful. Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Dmitry: “Glassjaw, Queen, we all come from very vast musical influences. The underlying theme is we all enjoy songs from every different walk of music that connects with us melodically.”

Jon (of Parader): “My two favorite bands are the Counting Crows and Band of Horses. Also, go to Aldi and get their $2.95 bottle of winking owl. It’s good every time. Contains sulfites but never hungover. Pro tip”

Q: I read that on “Save My Place”, you worked with some big names (Mixed & Mastered by Misterwive’s Nick Rad, Mastered by Chris Athens). What did you take away from that experience, and what did you all learn from them?

Jon: “I learned that Nick’s last name is cooler than my last name. Also, since we all worked in different remote places I didn’t get to watch the process. So Chris and Nick…. if y’all are reading this. Y’all owe me a eyes on experience, ya heard? I’ll bring you guys a white claw. See ya soon.”

Dmitry: “In my experience, it was nice working with people who understood the vibe we were going for and brought out the most emotion possible. Well done fellas.” 


Q: The Production on “Save My Place” is exceptional! What did you enjoy most about making this track?

 Dmitry: “I enjoyed using different instruments and sounds that I normally wouldn’t use. We used orchestral percussion to bring the song to life. We wanted to make you feel like you’re galloping into all your wildest dreams! Oh yeah baby.”

Jon: “There’s my boy. I think the wine is starting to work on him too. My favorite part of this song was singing and screaming so many tracks on this and losing my voice so I didn’t have to talk to anyone for a few days. Love y’all. Sorry. Also it would be dope to release a voice only a capella track for this song so you know I went the distance and put in that work y’all.”


Q: What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

Jon: “I sang the jungle book bear necessities in my kindergarten talent show. Shit was dope.”

Dmitry – “No comment”


Q: “Save My Place” showcases how articulate and hard-working you all are on perfecting your craft as a band. What first got you into music?

Jon: “I was trying to impress all the old ladies in my church choir with these sweet pipes. Rolled in hot with a sweet bass for all those tenor babes at the age of four. Hit them with a quick “you’re welcome” said next step is the Grammys baby. Went from grannies to Grammys! Oh yeah.” 

Dmitry: “Once again, no comment.”


Q: What has been, so far, your favorite song to perform and why?

Dmitry: “Save my Place” is my favorite song to play off the EP, especially the ending. It’s so big and adventurous.

Jon: “We’ve been in a live room lately working on some new ones. Can’t say the name of the song yet, but it’s about as tasty as this sweet red aldi bottle. Going to be a lot of fun to play live. We might even sneak it into the set before it releases. Also, the songs called “girls night out” hahahahahahaha”


Q: Any projects in the works that you can tell us about

Jon – “Well, what genre do you care to speak about? Dmitry and I have a side project that’s like drunk folk. Sounds a little like Johnny Cash on a bad day. It’s called sneaky snake and the church mice. Zach is in a Blink 182 tribute band called “The Dude Ranch” Gerard is on “almost famous” on broadway right now. Just started a side project with my buddy Dave called “The Bodega Katz” and it’s dope. Oh yeah and Parader…. almost forgot about those guys. Maybe a music video in the near future. Debating on a full length or an EP for the next release. Gotta A lot of hot ones for ya. Blessings. Y’all be good now.”

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano

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