“Both Sides Now” by Tally Koren

When it comes to classic singer-songwriters who’ve taken on the world with their heart and a guitar, one of the most celebrated is Joni Mitchell. In a career that spans over five decades, she’s been awarded countless times – including almost a dozen Grammys, having won her latest in 2022. Her first came in 1969 for her breakthrough album, ‘Clouds.’ On that record was a song called “Both Sides Now.” It capped off the second side of the record and has long since been a favorite for many, including the internationally acclaimed, Tally Koren. So much so, Tally is paying homage to one of Joni’s best by delivering a cover that takes the heart of “Both Sides Now” while still making it anew. 

Of course, Joni Mitchell has been a folk darling for years now. So when you listen to the original version of “Both Sides Now” that is what you hear. Seamless singer-songwriter energy, very peace, and love of the late ‘60s. What Tally Koren has done is put her original stamp on it. While there are folk elements at the core of Koren’s cover, what I thought stood out most was how theatrical it sounded. If someone wanted to one day make Joni Mitchell’s discography a Broadway show, they could use Tally Koren’s version of this song as it sounds like it was meant for the stage as her voice has that grandiose vibes. 

The Israeli-born singer-songwriter Tally Koren has been making a name for herself for over a decade with three albums under her belt, including 2020’s ‘Covers for Lovers.’ Since then she’s taken home awards and released a handful of more singles, including “The Garden of Love” and “If I Could Write a Love Song.” To hear all of those as well as “Both Sides Now,” make sure to check Tally Koren out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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