ruthie craft love me or leave me

“Love Me Or Leave Me” by Ruthie Craft

Ruthie Craft’s latest song, “Love Me Or Leave Me”, dropped on April Fool’s Day, but it’s not fooling me. It’s a hit here. Craft describes the song as being “the soundtrack to the emotions of heartbreak and betrayal” and I can see why. “Love Me Or Leave Me” was written to pull the emotions of those who have been wronged, properly done by Ben Mira, Seth Mira, and Ruthie Craft herself.

My favorite thing about this song is the sass that just floods through the whole song from the way the instrumentals are done to the lyrics. Everything lines up for a really catchy, mid-tempo heartbreak song. It’s quite a pleasant change from the typical mellow emotive ballads of previous generational heartbreak soundtracks. Of course, Ruthie Craft’s voice is just icing on the cake at this point with her wistful emotional range.

The lyrics of this catchy heartbreak bop focus on making a choice. “You tried so hard to leave me on the back porch of your heart” opens the song and pulls you into the situation. If you are looking for the perfect song to send to someone who might need a nudge, this is it. Or maybe you just like heartbreak songs for their emotional stories – this is definitely a song to add to your playlist. 

Ruthie Craft says that she aims to do more than entertain – that she aims to seek common ground. I feel like she does just that. Follow this Austin, Texas based singer and songwriter on her social media platforms linked below. 

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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