‘catching feelings 4 u’ by Jason LaPierre

One thing that can be seen through music that’s about love is that it has evolved as music has evolved over time. There aren’t as many many songs being released now that capture a classicly romantic tone while also bringing something new to the table. Jason LaPierre does this perfectly in his latest single ‘catching feelings 4 u.’ This original single has a way of throwing you straight back into that warm and happy feeing that music from eras past used to.

‘Catching feelings 4 u’ is a track that could definitely be described as nostalgic. The reminiscent lo-fi beat, the dash of jazz-pop, the use of an accordion and oboe; there’s just so much about this song that invokes a sense of nostalgia. Though it isn’t a holiday song, it gives you that nice and warm feeling that’s associated with holiday music and the season. This is likely because of the romantic influences both in this track and the sound of a lot of popular holiday music played to this day. Overall, this track is nice and smooth. The strings and deep bass tones are cut through well by the brighter vocals and hum harmonies. It all blends together in the right way, and the composition weaves the instruments together perfectly. The vocals have a nice tone that’s smooth but has a vague brassiness. The riffing adds a lot of color to the track, and the vocal notes transition with ease. ‘Catching feelings 4 u’ is the perfect track to throw you into a nice, warm, and comfortable mindset.

On this lovely track, Jason LaPierre says, “I wrote this song to confess my feelings for a long-time crush.” He lyricized this track about the moment he met his crush, and the beautiful feelings surrounding the very first time they met. The lyrics do a wonderful job at displaying the first time meeting a person and absolutely falling for them. It depicts something along the lines of falling in true love or finding your soulmate. “I know we are both quite awfully busy / But I’d treasure each and every moment through and through,” takes this capturing of love to a realistic level. We’re all human, and that means we tend to get busy and have our own things to do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make true love work.

Jason LaPierre is a music artist who works with numerous instruments and tones to create tracks that are charged with emotion and feeling. Not only that, he’s no stranger to the idea of collaboration. On ‘catching feelings 4 u’ he worked with harpist Cecilia Cuccolini, oboist Daniel Waldron, musician and multi-instrumentalist Mario D’Amario, producer Owl Nest Music, and musician Eli Mary. That’s such a wide range of people and influences to bring to the table, and it may just be one of the things that rounds this track out perfectly. LaPierre has a way of hooking you in and then keeping you there with his smooth and jazzy sound.

Written by Sage Plapp




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