“My Soul Cries” by Leyla Diamondi

There is something to be said about stripped down performances as they have the ability to showcase the pureness of an artist’s vocals. This in turn makes the performance more authentic and intimate. Independent singer-songwriter Leyla Diamondi demonstrates this approach with her single “My Soul Cries.”

“My Soul Cries” is a piano driven ballad, but a synthesizer appears towards the end of the introduction. Leyla’s vocals are soft, angelic, and emotionally charged. Her vocals gradually evolve as they shift from quiet to loud, and from singing in a lower vocal range to a much higher vocal range. Leyla demonstrates her wide, impressive vocal range within the chorus as she sings the line “I feel my soul cry”, which contains some very high notes. The piano also evolves with its performance as it gradually unfolds with the addition of higher notes being played. The lyrics convey the story of how Leyla yearns for a better life. “My soul cries for a better life.” Diamondi also acknowledges that she has been struggling with personal demons for some time and needs to break free from them instead of running from them. “I run from myself/God knows I need help.” When the chorus is sung the second time around, the synthesizer delivers a more intense performance, which further elevates the composition. “My Soul Cries” ends with the piano delivering a rhythmic, yet somber performance.

 Leyla Diamondi is based in London, England, and she has been creating music since 2019. Her vocals bear a similar resemblance to London pop/R&B singer-songwriter Leona Lewis.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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