“Green Enough” by Howe

“Green Enough” by Howe is a fascinating exercise in production. Howe took a dark, beautiful song and made it something technically brilliant. From the echoing vocal effects to the tight, driving electronic drums, the layers of interest in this track are neverending.

The intro begins with a clean guitar gently rocking between two minor chords. On top of this, a series of quickfire vocal samples morph into each other, expressing several vowels and sounds in a short period of time. This technique is unique in that it’s sonically satisfying, rhythmically satisfying, and overall extremely gripping.

The verse kicks in and your attention is immediately drawn to the vocal texture–one melody layered with multiple takes, each with minute variations in pitch. The effect is something harsh, crunchy, and visceral. It feels a little punk rock, but the instrumentation says otherwise. Howe sings, “Steam rising from your head / Sometimes I think you wish that I would forget,” as the unassuming guitar continues in the background. The lyrics intimate a resentment and moodiness solidified by the music. The accompaniment is calm. The vocals are gritty. But both have a darkness to them that upholds the eloquence of the lyrics.

Drums parade in to emphasize the arrival of the chorus. While the guitar is a pretty live sound, the drums are snappy and electronic. It takes this track from an Indie/dark-pop sound to something reminiscent of a trap beat. As Howe utters the words of the tagline, they dissolve into a pool of abrupt tremolo and echo.

Every production aspect of this piece implies mastery. Parts of the track include delicate piano, layered vocal octaves, and gorgeously arranged background vocals. If you’re looking for a song that’s not only emotionally gratifying but intellectually challenging, “Green Enough” is a perfect fit.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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