“Go To Sleep” by YXL Ayo

R&B, soul, and hip-hop fans are in for something special with YXL Ayo’s latest single, “Go To Sleep.” Coming off of his successful EP titled “IBUKUN,” which was dedicated to his late grandmother, “Go To Sleep” has an entirely different vibe. Whereas “IBUKUN” was more melody-based, with often sad lyrics, “Go To Sleep” is a full-on hip-hop track, showing off YXL Ayo’s versatility as an artist. This captivating track showcases his ability to create different types of music, yet, all of them are just as enjoyable. 

“Go To Sleep” has a catchy beat, extreme club vibes, and lyrics about YXL Ayo’s lifestyle, particularly with his conflicting thoughts about his life and relationships, which is something that many can relate to. 

Whereas the song begins with lyrics including “I don’t pillow talk, shawty go to sleep,” signifying his unloyal ways, he then talks about how he knows he is “unholy” and claims that he knows he’ll fix it eventually: “…one day I know I’ll get it right.” YXL Ayo’s lyrics mark his differing thoughts on wanting to change, yet he knows he is young and wants to have fun; he has his whole life to grow up and settle down!

“Go To Sleep” is guaranteed to get any party or club going, with its infectious beat and the song’s overall sultry atmosphere. Take a listen to “Go To Sleep,” as well as YXL Ayo’s other music, as he is an artist to watch out for; his dynamic artistry is shown heavily in the music he creates.

Photo Credits: Brandon Lee (cover art) and Aaron McNab (Headshot)

Written by Melissa Cusano

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